We are releasing version 0.8.854 of the plugin and version 0.12.0 of AdapterJS.

This pair should fix the remaining issues of 0.8.852 and 0.8.853, mainly concerning the sound management.

New version of AdapterJS (0.12.0)

[ENH] Added Edge support (only GUM is implemented)
[ENH] Replacing audio tags as well as video tags when using the plugin. This fixes issue with the sound not being rendered when playing in audio tags.

[ENH] Added a new param to the plugin tags indicating what kind of HTML tag was replaced (audio/video)
[BugFix] Fixed the onclick event passing from audio/video tags to plugin tag
[BugFix] Clearing the interval that check if the plugin is installed. The interval used to trigger install callback every 1/2 sec.
[BugFix] Added an escape to defineWebRTCInterface so that it cannot be called more than once. Prints an error in the JS console when called more than once.

Note that 0.12.0 is a major update of AdapterJS, therefore if you are including 0.11.x, you will have to change your include for :



New version of the plugin (0.8.854)

[ENH] Implemented MediaStream::currentTime

[ENH] Implemented MediaStream::remove(track)

[ENH] Implemented plugin::currentTime (equivalent to <video>.currentTime)

[ENH] GetUserMedia constraints are now more strictly respected: 

When a video/audio track is requested, the user cannot de-select them. The user can only chose the input and validate/cancel the popup,

When a video/audio device is requested through its ID, the device cannot be overridden. The user can only validate/cancel the popup

[ENH] Added whitelist and screen-sharing support for meet.jit.si

[BugFix] The camera is now properly freed when streams stop and tabs are closed
[BugFix] Multiple bug fixes regarding the audio management

[Commercial plugin][BugFix] Fixed a crash on closing a tab that was using screen-sharing – Windows only

[Commercial plugin][BugFix] Fixed a bug preventing the HTTP/S proxy to be used on Windows when the "Use the same proxy server for all protocols" checkbox was checked