Version 0.8.859 of the Temasys WebRTC Plugin has been released.

This plugin fixes some VERY important issues and we STRONGLY advise that you update to this new version.

It mainly fixes a connection failure with Chrome 46+.

Here is the list of changes and bug fixes:

  • [ENH] <object>.clientWidth implemented 
  • [ENH] <object>.clientHeight implemented 
  • [ENH] <object>.onloadedmetadata implemented 
  • [ENH] <object>.onplay called with an event-like argument (type, srcElement, target, currentTarget, timestamp) 
  • [ENH] <object>.onplaying called with an event-like argument (type, srcElement, target, currentTarget, timestamp) 
  • [ENH] Screensharing now captures the mouse pointer 
  • [ENH] The plugin prevents the computer from going to sleep when a MediaStream is being rendered 
  • [ENH] Memory leak fixed in GetUserMedia 
  • [ENH] Memory leak fixed in DataChannel
  • [BUGFIX] Fix connection failure with Chrome 46+ ("SessionDescription is NULL" on setRemoteStream) 
  • [BUGFIX] <object>/hadAttribute is now available, letting Safari 9 display the plugin object properly in the JS console. 
  • [BUGFIX] gUM with permission popup would result in a plugin crash when audio/video is required but no devices were available 
  • [BUGFIX] Correction of a crash on RTCPeerConnection::addIceCandidate(null) 
  • [BUGFIX][Windows only]The screensharing popup now uses UTF-16 to display the windows names (used to be UTF-8, leading to incorrect non-western characters) The plugin will now trigger the failure callback (if any provided) before even showing the popup. 
  • [BUGFIX][Mac only] Fixed an important memory leak that would sometimes result in the plugin being terminated by the browser (or OS?) 
  • [BUGFIX][Commercial only] The plugin renderers would not respond to their API (play, pause, etc)

This version works best with AdapteJS 0.12.1 



Your plugin should automatically offer you to update, or you can visit our portal.