Temasys just released a new version of the plugin, numbered 0.8.870.

This version brings very important fixes, specificly regarding connection with Chrome 50:

[BUGFIX] Fixed connection issue with Chrome M50 due to bad SIP answer from the plugin

[BUGFIX] plugin.setStreamId used to re-enable the stream's audio track
[ENH] hasCredentials is no longer required in the iceServer definition
[ENH] gUM supports new fashion constraints (old fashion constraints are still supported)
New constraints look like 


   "audio": true,

   "video": {

       "width":  { "min": "300", "max": "640" },

       "height": { "min": "200", "max": "480" }



As usual, your plugin should offer you to auto-update.

You can also get a link from our portal.