Temasys just released a new version of the plugin, numbered 0.8.874.

Bugs resolved in the version 0.8.874 are as follows:

  • [BUGFIX] Fixed crash when sending getUserMediaConstraints with value 'null' or 'undefined'
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed crash regression when closing a of PeerConnection sending a screensharing stream
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed problem of AudioTrack failing to mute when track is 'disabled'
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed crash when sending credentials with value 'null' or 'undefined' to PeerConnection
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed frames being dropped forever when doing screensharing with a screen that doesn't move (cursor non included, Windows only)
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed HTTP proxy autodetect for Windows (pac files, wpad)

As usual, your plugin should offer you to auto-update.

You can also get a link from our portal.