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Notable changes

- Updated libWebRTC to WebRTC 9944 build.
- Enabled compatibility with iOS 9 devices.
- Local media is now obtained much earlier.
- Bug fixes:
    - Resolved crash when exiting from room.
    - Resolved crash when sending messages, or muting/unmuting audio/video too quickly.
    - Resolved crash when disconnecting on background thread too many times.
    - Enabled muting/unmuting audio/video to be done at didConnectWithMessage.
    - Enabled actual media muted/unmuted status to be conveyed when joining peers.
- APIs changes (refer to API documentation for more details)
    - New
        - getSkylinkVersion
            - Get the version string of the Skylink for iOS SDK being used.
        - isAudioMuted
            - Get current state of local Audio.
        - isVideoMuted
            - Get current state of local Vidio.
    - Modified
        - disconnect
            - Takes in as parameter a completion block which is called when disconnect is done.