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Notable changes

New features

  • Screensharing (receiving).
  • Connection statistics.
  • Maximum data, audio and video bitrate customisation.
  • Advanced setting 'disableHOST' available.
  • Apple's App transport Security (ATS) supported.

Fixes and improvements

  • Performances and other improvements.
  • Small sized file transfer will no longer trigger the completion delegate method with a possible empty peerID while SMR (Skylink Media Relay) is enabled.
  • Improvements while SMR is enabled.
  • Connectivity improved.

Known Issues

  • IceRestart is not supported in this versionWith Skylink Media Relay enabled:
  • Users with no Audio and no Video for both send and receive configs are not supported:
  1. If a Peer joins a room with nor auditor video for both send and receive configs, the Peer will not be able to connect to other Peer.
  2. This issue does not exist in a normal room (without Skylink Media Relay).
  3. Possible workaround is for user to join room with receiveAudio = YES or receiveVideo = YES on the SKYLINKConnectionConfig object, but mute and not display these streams when they are received (with in most use cases should not happen if the peers is also in the same receive only configuration).