Maven Dependency

compile(group: '', name: 'skylink_sdk', version: '0.9.1-RELEASE', ext: 'aar')

Download Links

Android Studio Sample App:
ADT Sample App:
Jar library:
// armeabi-v7a:  

API Documentation

Notable changes

  • init method no longer accepts the Skylink APP secret.
  • connectToRoom signature has been changed, there are now two ways to use this method. The first being a mechanism to inject a connection string externally from your application server or other source. We recommend this approach as it protects your APP credentials from prying eyes in your production code. The second method allows a developer to embed the credentials in the application removing the requirement for an external credentials source. We do not suggest using this approach in production code as there is risk of exposing your credentials if someone were to attempt to decompile your application.
  • Modified the sample applications to use the newly introduced connectToRoom signature with a connection string.
  • Included a Utility class that includes a method that generates a connection string with:
          * Room name
          * Skylink APP Key
          * Skylink APP secret
          * Start time
          * Room duration