Maven Dependency 

<code>compile(group: '', name: 'skylink_sdk', version: '0.9.6-RELEASE', ext: 'aar'){    transitive = true}</code>

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Notable changes


  • Skylink Media Relay is NOT supported in this version.
  • Updated libWebRTC to 9944.
  • Updated improved stability, especially for connect and disconnect from room.
  • Fixed bug involving none String type userData.
  • Enabled file broadcast without an MCU. has been renamed to .temasys.skylink.sdk.rtc.Errors

SkylinkConfig API changes:

  • SkylinkConfig is now relocated to

  • [isAllow|set][TURN|STUN|HOST]
    - Sets if respective candidates are allowed.
    - Deprecate their respective versions of is[TURN|STUN] Disabled as those were based on the now deprecated advancedOptions.

  • isEnableDataChannel
    - Checks if DataChannel can be enabled based on this SkylinkConfig.
    - Both this SkylinkConfig and remote Peer's Config need to have DataChannel enabled DataChannel to be enabled.

  • [is|set]EnableLogs [NEW]
    - Checks or sets log to be enabled/disabled.
    - Logging from SDK is now disabled by default.

  • setTransport
    - Now accepts only (case insensitive) "udp" or "tcp", or null, and will throw SkylinkException for allother values.
    - advancedOptions
       - Deprecated
       - Also deprecated the two methods depending on it (isStunDisabled, isTurnDisabled).
SkylinkConnection API changes:
  • isConnected [NEW]
    - Checks if we are currently connected to the Room.
    - Note that even if we are in the process of disconnecting, as long as the connection to the Room is present, we are still considered as connected.

  • disconnectFromRoom
    - Now returns a boolean to indicate if disconnect is proceeding or not - which may be the case if, for e.g., a disconnect attempt is already in progress, or if we are already disconnected.

  • toggleCamera [NEW]
    - Stop or restart the local camera given that the local video source is available.When camera is toggled to stopped, it is accessible by other apps, for e.g., it can be used to take pictures.sendFileTransferPermissionResponseNow throws a SkylinkException and you will need to handle the exception.

For e.g.:



<code>try {
    skylinkConnection.sendFileTransferPermissionResponse(peerId, getDownloadedFilePath(), true);
} catch (SkylinkException e) {
    String error = "Error accepting file \"" + fileName + "\" from Peer \"" + peerId + "\"."
            + " Error: " + e.getMessage();
    Toast.makeText(getActivity(), error, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
    Log.e(TAG, error);