SkylinkSDK : 6-8

SkylinkSDK + SkylinkMCU: 10-12

SkylinkSDK + SkylinkMCU (Premium Features): Up to 30+

Currently our platform does not limit the number of participants in a session unless a limit is specifically set via the API for a given AppKey. In the case of the client, assuming adequate available bandwidth, the maximum number of participants will typically be limited by the CPU/GPU capacity of the client. In the case of a fairly recent mid-range desktop or laptop computer 6-8 users with both audio and video enabled is a reasonable expectation. When introducing our SkylinkMCU feature into the session this number can increase dramatically in some cases reaching 30 or more active participants in a audio/video session, however the baseline SkylinkMCU will increase the capacity to approximately 10-12. When using a signaling only or audio only call the capacity will increase dramatically. 

On mobile devices CPU, availability of hardware acceleration, battery life, and available bandwidth are the primary limitations. On a recent mid-to-high-end Android or iOS device 2-4 participants is a reasonable expectation on a 4G/LTE network. It should be noted that multi-party calls can have significant impact on battery life. 

*Temasys SkylinkMCU is fully released and can be enabled for your app keys using instructions found here

*SkylinkSDK refers to the Temasys SkylinkSDK suite of products including the SkylinkJS Web SDK and the SkylinkSDK for Android and SkylinkSDK for iOS native mobile SDKs.