H.264 is a video codec natively not implemented in libWebRTC.
Temasys uses openH264 in the plugin to add support to H.264

The openH264 dll is neccessary for the plugin to work.

Open H.264

H.264 usually requires royalties to be paid. 

In order to avoid either Temasys or our clients being liable for royalties, we use a dynamic library implemented and built by Cisco called openH264.

Because Cisco is the one that builds and distributes the dynamic library, they are responsible for paying the royalties.
This is the same system that Firefox use.  For further details, please view THIS VIDEO.

The dynamic library MUST be downloaded and installed while the plugin is installed, not when it is built.

Installation requires internet connection

This means that plugins with H.264 enabled require an internet connection at install time that does not block the download.

If the Temasys installer fails to download the dll, the installation will fail.

If you encounter errors your options are :

1. Please ensure that your network can allows access to the following files and allows the following actions :

2. Turn off H264. 

3. Use your own installer.  We would deliver the compiled DLL to you which you can use your own installers to install, which at installation would call on your own existing purchased / licensed copies of the files that we download from Cisco.  


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