The new Temasys Console is available at

Create a new Application :

Note for existing users: If you have an existing application with "!" symbol next to the folder, you will lose access to these keys once billing is enabled shortly .  We strongly encourage discontinuing the use of old keys and update your applications to use new keys, as soon as possible.  Please follow the steps provided below to create a new application. In our example below, our tech demo is used as as a sample application.  As shown in the image below, the keys that we currently use for are now legacy keys which will be retired.

Step 1 : Click on Add App to create a new application 

Step 2 : Provide details/descriptions for your application

Step 3 : plan iSelect a pricing plan. The default pricing is FREE. You can also choose Basic/Developer/Business pricing plan in advance. 

You will be prompted to provide credit card verification details if you choose one of the non-free plans. You will not be charged when the plan is selected. We will inform you once the billing cycle begins.  Once your pricing plan is selected, the new app will be created 

Creating Keys for an Application

Once your app is created, you will notice the following (Refer to the image below)

  1. The new application no longer has a red background or an "!" icon - This means that the new application has successfully been created under the new billing console.
  2. The new application has a Subscription plan attached to it [Since billing has not been turned on yet, you will still be under the Free plan but without any limitations of the Free plan]

Step 1 : You will now need to create new keys to use the application with. Click on the new application you just created - in this case, it is "Getaroom" without the red highlight marked by the phrase "new app" in the image below

Step 2 :  Create a new key.

You will now need to create the new keys that you will use in your application. 

Step 3 :  Select a platform/key properties

If you have an application that runs on multiple platforms (Android/iOS/Web)  that communicate with each other, you will need to create a key for each platform, as shown in the image below. Remember to also use the CORS 

Once the new keys are created, make sure you replace all your old keys with new ones. For additional enquiries, please contact our support team.