To enable screensharing for Firefox, you will require to use an extension layer to enable screensharing for your domain.

Generating Extensions for your Application Key

1. Login to the Temasys Console and go to the Manage Apps section. Click the application key for which you want to generate the extension

2.  Fill the CORS Url field with domains which the Web Application is accessing and where the extension is allowed to be enabled in.

3. Go to the Extensions tab on the top right of the key settings and click on the Generate Extension button

For Generating Extensions for multiple Web Applications, you can create a dummy Application Key, and update the CORS Url field with all the accessing domains (as shown in Step 2) of all your web applications, and proceed to Step 3.

Customising your extension

1. Unzip the xpi file that was generated from the Temasys Console, for your key (Read more)

For mac users, you can use the terminal command "unzip <your file>.xpi"

For windows users, you can use 7zip or a similar application to unzip the file.

2. Make modifications (optional)

The modifications for the domains are in the bootstrap.js.

The generic icon is the icon.png.

The extension information is in the install.rdf.

3. Zip the extension as xpi file

After modifying the extension, you will need to repackage the extension into a xpi file again. 

[ Note : To compress as an xpi file, you can simply compress it into a zip file, and rename the .zip extension to .xpi ]

To learn how to sign, publish your extension and link your extension to SkylinkJS, follow the guide here.