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Why does the Temasys WebRTC plugin v0.8.862 not work?

The issue : 

The plugin version 0.8.862 only works when updated from a previous version (0.8.861 and before). This initialisation error is a bug that was fixed starting from v0.8.863.

Why do I not get auto-updates to download the latest version of the plugin? 

Since the devices were unable to initialise the v8.862 plugin, they will not be aware of the presence of a newer version of the plugin - and therefore not prompt for an auto-update.

What do I do if some of my customers have installed v0.8.862, that hasn't been initialised and are unable upgrade to v0.8.863?

For this particular release, you would have to handle this on your application's end. You could try can starting a timeout and check for AdapterJS.WebRTCPlugin.plugin.valid. property. If it stays undefined, suggest to download the latest version of the plugin v0.8.863.

You can also check whether the webRTCReady callback (now set with AdapterJS.webRTCReady(callback)) is called after N seconds. If it wasn’t, it either means that the user does’t have a plugin, or that the version is v0.8.862. So you can suggest installing the latest version of the plugin, in either case. 

You could design your own popup, or directly use AdapterJS.renderNotificationBar.

See  the Temasys plugin portal for links to latest version of the plugin. Auto-updates will start working again after v0.8.863 is installed. 

What do I do if I want to make v0.8.862 work on my local computer?

If you MUST use 0.8.862, you can do the following steps:

  • Uninstall 0.8.862 from the Windows "uninstall programs" panel
  • Download and install 0.8.861
  • Start using the plugin on IE (for example, here)
  • Close IE
  • Download and install 0.8.862