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SkylinkSDK for iOS 1.0.3 Released


Socket Rocket (https://github.com/square/SocketRocket)

ios-ntp (https://github.com/jbenet/ios-ntp)

CDN links

- README (Markdown) http://cdn.temasys.com.sg/skylink/skylinksdk/ios/1.0.3/README.md

- SDK Archive http://cdn.temasys.com.sg/skylink/skylinksdk/ios/1.0.3/skylinkSDK_iOS_1.0.3.zip

Reference Implementation (ObjectiveC and Swift) http://cdn.temasys.com.sg/skylink/skylinksdk/ios/1.0.3/skylinkSDK_iOS_1.0.3_examples.zip

Class Documentation


Skylink compatibility

- The version is compatible with SM 0.1.0 and DT 0.1.0

Notable changes

- Full grown Example Application in Swift.

- An application can have more than one SKYLINKConnection; But only one can be audio/video enabled, the rest can only be data and signaling only.

- Method to enable / disable verbose logging.

- Binary data sending interface.

- Method to refresh a connection with a certain peer.

- Room lock / unlock methods.

- 'API Key' has been changed to 'APP Key'.

- Fixed ios-ntp integration with example application.