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SkylinkSDK for Android 0.9.2 (Public Beta) Released.

Maven Dependency


compile(group: 'sg.com.temasys.skylink.sdk', name: 'skylink_sdk', version: '0.9.2-RELEASE', ext: 'aar')


CDN links

Android Studio Sample App: //cdn.temasys.com.sg/skylink/skylinksdk/android/0.9.2/sample_app.tar.gz

ADT Sample App: //cdn.temasys.com.sg/skylink/skylinksdk/android/0.9.2/sample_app_adt.tar.gz

Jar library: //cdn.temasys.com.sg/skylink/skylinksdk/android/0.9.2/skylink_sdk-release.jar

libjingle_peerconnection_so.so armeabi-v7a:  //cdn.temasys.com.sg/skylink/skylinksdk/android/latest/armeabi-v7a/libjingle_peerconnection_so.so

libjingle_peerconnection_so.so x86:  //cdn.temasys.com.sg/skylink/skylinksdk/android/latest/x86/libjingle_peerconnection_so.so

libjingle_peerconnection_so.so x86-64:  //cdn.temasys.com.sg/skylink/skylinksdk/android/latest/x86-64/libjingle_peerconnection_so.so

API Documentation


Notable changes

  • The SDK now integrates with 8676 revision of the native WebRTC API
  • The preferred audio codec is now set to Opus
  • Uses hardware acceleration if supported by the device
  • Improves the stability when the network connection changes
  • Included support for x86, and x86-64 architectures
  • Includes support for binary data transfer
  • Includes a sample application that demonstrates Multiple peer connectivity
  • Includes a sample application that demonstrates binary data transfer
  • The SDK now conforms with the 0.1.0 of the signaling messaging protocol
  • Includes a method that allows to restart a connection
  • Includes a method that allows to lock or unlock a room