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SkylinkJS 0.6.23 Released

Link to github: 0.6.23: Firefox 52-55 bandwidth b=TIAS constraints patch


CDN links (gzipped)

  • Minified library: //cdn.temasys.io/skylink/skylinkjs/0.6.23/skylink.min.js 
  • Debug library: //cdn.temasys.io/skylink/skylinkjs/0.6.23/skylink.debug.js 
  • Minified with all dependencies: //cdn.temasys.io/skylink/skylinkjs/0.6.23/skylink.complete.min.js 
  • Debug with all dependencies: //cdn.temasys.io/skylink/skylinkjs/0.6.23/skylink.complete.js

API Documentation

NPM Installation

  • npm install git://github.com/Temasys/SkylinkJS#0.6.23



  • Fixes to SDP bandwidth constraints due to Firefox 52 bug introduced as referenced herewhich is patched in 55.


  • Fixes to when setting options.deviceId throwing errors in Chrome due to using "optional" instead of exact constraints when options.useExactConstraints is false. 
  • Fixes for sendStream() to allow custom IE / Safari Temasys plugin stream object due to incorrect checking for type of. 
  • Fixes for shareScreen() where not setting enableAudio results in fetching of audio stream when by default it should not.



  • Users can enable Edge 15.x pre-1.0 WebRTC native implementation by enabling flag in init() method by enabling options.useEdgeWebRTC.