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[RESOLVED] v0.6.6+ : Connectivity issues with Android, iOS SDKs

The issue

Due to new reconnection upgrades in version 0.6.6, there were occasional connection issues with Android and iOS SDKs. The interoperability for methods refreshConnection()shareScreen()stopScreen() and sendStream() would not work and break the connection.

Reason for the new re-connection mechanism

The previous method of reconnection involved closing the Peer connection and re-creating it.

However, we noticed spikes in CPU usages in Chrome (version 47+), when attempting share screen from versions 0.6.1 and above. This resulted in the upgrade of the reconnection mechanism. The new method of reconnection simply uses the same Peer connection instance and re-negotiates to exchange streams.

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Issue has been confirmed and rectified in the version 0.6.12 release.

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