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AdapterJS 0.13.1 Released

Github Repo


CDN links

Minified library: //cdn.temasys.com.sg/adapterjs/0.13.1/adapter.min.js

Debug library: //cdn.temasys.com.sg/adapterjs/0.13.1/adapter.debug.js

Minified screensharing library: //cdn.temasys.com.sg/adapterjs/0.13.1/adapter.screenshare.min.js

Debug screensharing library: //cdn.temasys.com.sg/adapterjs/0.13.1/adapter.screenshare.js

Release Notes

AdapterJS 0.13.1 includes Ms Edge support update, better require support, plugin shim update, and more

[ENH] Updated dependency of webrtc-adapter. Mainly brings better support for Egde

[ENH] Support for the new plugin RTCPeerConnection constructor

[ENH] Better check for the RTCPeerConnection constructor and better error management

[ENH] Upgraded the browser and browser version detection logic[ENH] Refactored a few global variables into local variables

[ENH] Additional tests (DTMFSender, plugin.getFrame, RTCPeerConnection constructor, ...)[BUGFIX] Propagating missing variables when AJS required via npm/bower (getUserMedia, attachMediaStream, reattachMediaStream, browser detection)

[BUGFIX] Preventing error in attachMediaStream on newer version of Safari

[BUGFIX] JSHint validation

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