Chrome 47 and Opera 34 : HTTPS requirements for getting Stream

As of Chrome 47 and Opera 34, getUserMedia will not work in http: run Web applications anymore, which means end-users cannot retrieve their local stream on these pages.

Running http:// on localhost will still continue to work, but in production like sites:, would not work.

You may read more of the release notes here:

Chrome 47 release notes

Opera 34 release notes (They use Chrome 47, which disallows http: getUserMedia retrieval over Web applications)

As for Firefox 44 and Safari / IE (plugin ver 0.8.864), http: will continue to work.

It's recommended to move your applications to enforce https:.

It is recommended to obtain SSL certificates from reputable certificate authorities like GeotrustEntrustVerisignDigiCertNetwork SolutionsTwarteSymantec. For no-cost SSL, Temasys recommends the LetsEncrypt! project.